YO Japan’s memorable PIKACHU FESTIVAL

Japan has somehow managed to step outside the cacophony of horror the rest of world is in right now, as evidenced by the fact that at this very moment the beautiful and truly insane country is holding a goddamn PIKACHU FESTIVAL. Here’s Twitterer Michadelic, who is on the ground for this ultimately-pointless-but-also-somehow-inspiring? event:

In case you wanted more, here’s a lot more. This is not what my pastor told me heaven was like at all.

It sounds like this is an official event put on every year by The Pokémon Company, but who cares? I don’t need this thing explained to me — it’s a little bit of levity in a deeply troubling time, and knowing that it’s going on somewhere in the world is making me happy. And isn’t that all we’ve ever really asked of Pokémon?

And apparently this is an annual thing? Here’s some footage of the Pikachu Festival from 2015:

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