When you are the king of comedy, you have to work as a worker, people can’t stop laughing although watching again the video many times

Comedian Saclo is a nickname that was made for comedian Charlie Chaplin when he played Saclo in the pantomime comedy that brings a lot of interesting laughter. Although it is comedic, it also brought many humanitarian meaning and criticism of the injustice in the world at that time. Let’s watch the short clip from the movie “Modern Times” (1936) and see how comedian Saclo is charming.

As a worker in a factory, you have to work constantly without stopping. However, Saclo is different, he worked in a production line in which he confused a lot of things. Therefore, it bring along a series of humorous situations because he wasn’t professional.

When working stress, he also has to rest, go to the toilet and smoke cigarettes. When forced to work, Saclo still finds a way to delay his work.

When you only do the same action,you will turn into a machine. When Saclo is resting for lunch, his hands are still working. He is really a person who is dedicated to work.

Watching films of comedy Saclo, you will harvest a lot of laughter. Moreover, the film also gives us a picture about the period of capitalism and what must be criticized in society at that time.

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