Watch: A girl was caught by her boyfriend doing this thing inside their house

A lot of us have been finding the love of our lives. Looking for someone who matches our personality, our wants, and our interests. Some people are looking for their opposites, as the saying goes, “opposites attract”. Whoever person we want to be with depends on how we perceive the idea of love. A lot of people are stuck on the level of attraction, thinking that that is already love. Love is more than just a feeling, it is a commitment.

Most of our time we spend looking for our soulmates and trying to discover that special someone. But the journey does not end on finding the right one, rather, it is the beginning. The fortunate ones who have found their “the one” still find it hard to make things work especially on their relationship.

A lot of problems occur on a relationship, petty ones leading to major fight often lead to an end of a relationship. A lot of factors should be considered in sustaining a healthy relationship. One of the most important factor is trusting your partner regardless of the circumstances

Building trust is one of the most challenging factor couples face. In order to build trust one way is to have communication, an open communication having some fruitful solutions. Pointing out the problems instead of the person helps to have a productive conversation as it should be you and your partner against the problem, not you against him or her.

Sometimes, couple spice things up by making each other happy. Making each other laugh through jokes or pranks as they post it through social media like this one couple. In this video, the girl tried to prank her boyfriend by pretending to do something naughty with another man.

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