Treat your husband well! Many wives cry their eyes out after reading this

Whether you’re married or not, you should read this, for the sake if your future or now significant other..
Among elder couples, the husbands have a tendancy to pass away first. Why so? Man are supposed to be stronger, physically and mentally. But why most women become the one left alone?

According to a science study, men have the tendancy to hide what they’re truly dealing with. The most popular believed reason of this behavior is that they want to be the shelter for the woman of their lives. That’s why they feel the need to keep their firm, strong and credible imagine of a husband, a father so that all members in the family can count on him.

Therefore, women, who always spill what they have to bear, often live longer.
So, what do girlfriends and wives need to do?

First, create a comfortable environment for your husband at home.
if you don’t have a guest coming soon, think about leaving your home not-as-clean-as normal. Your clothes don’t need washing right away after changing and the dish can wait until family members have a proper rest after a long day working and learning. Couples mostly have a quarrel because of household chores.

Secondly, notice when your husband is upset.

Make him feel your love and support so they he can stand straight in all the storms outside. Telling him funny and soft stories then slowly lead to his problems. If he doesn’t want you to know, or doesn’t want to mention it at all, fine. Just tell him that he has all your support. That may not solve his problems, yet can make he stronger. Knowing that your are always have his back can inspire the man of your life.

Thirdly, you should tell him to stop smoking.

Smoking can help ease one’s mind when facing stress. However, it can harm not only the smoker but also anyone breathing the smoke. If he is an addiction, ask him to lessen the smoking frequency.
Fourthly, if you have to live with your mother-in-law in one house, deal with it!

In order to keep the peace and happiness in the house, you need to have great patience and loving. The conflict between wives and mothers are the greatest battle a man has to face. Clearly, mother-in-law can be hard to please – we heard enough stories about that. However, think this way: she is the one raising your husband for nearly 2 decades. She needs time to accept the fact that now her son is someone else’s husband. And, she needs time to get acquaintance to your presence. No one is born bad at heart, time will prove your patience and loving…

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