Touching story about the dog who asks flowers to bring to owner’s tomb

No matter who we are, whether rich or poor, sick or healthy, a the dog has considered us as a master, he will follow us for life. If we forget to feed or bathe for them, beat or abuse them, dogs just sit in a dark corner, absolutely they do not bite or show displeasure with the owner..

Dogs are considered as the most loyal animals

According to many scientific studies, when the dog meets the master, the dog’s brain produces a hormone equivalent to when you see your lover. It can be said that the owner is the biggest love of every dog, more than other dogs.

Dogs can help his owner some work

In many cases, when the owner dies, the dog is still waiting beside the tomb or in the memory place, as it believes that the owner will return, and their absence is temporary, there is It’s a punishment for it. This reason that helps the owner can overcome difficult circumstances, always feel positive, because they see his dog always is happy.

In many cases, when the owner dies, the dog is still waiting beside the tomb

A video records a touching story about a dog has taken a lot of viewers’ tear. The dog patiently asked the flower of a shop to bring to the owner’s tomb. Even the owner of the flower shop gives food, dogs do not receive. Until a flower is given, the dog leaves. Soon, the dog went to the owner’s tomb and sat there for hours. The short video reminds us of the love of animals as well as the loyalty of dogs.

Hachiko is famous dog for his loyalty

Because of saving owner, the dog passes away

Not long ago, a brave dog sacrifices himself to save his master. A loyal dog is being hailed a hero after sacrificing his own life to save his owner from a venomous snake.The Yorkshire terrier, named Spike, found a deadly cobra in a back garden in South Africa and attacked it before it reached his owner Louise Grobler. The ten-year-old family dog killed the snake just a few feet away from the mum-of-four, but was bitten in the mouth.Spike half an hour later – along with another dog that was also bitten – and now Louise, 42, is paying tribute to her companion, saying his heroic actions saved her life. Within an hour of Spike’s death, Louise’s mixed breed two-year-old, named Prinses, died after being bitten on the leg.

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