This Little Boys Wows The Netizens With His Demi Lovato’s Ston Cold rendition

Us, Filipinos, are really hard to please when it comes to singing. Given that many of us really know how to sing, it is no secret as to why most of us are really hard to get impressed by a lot of singers today. But recently, this little boy on Facebook immediately got the attention of many netizens.

As seen in the viral video shared by the Facebook page “Best Vocals,” it showed how this little boy easily “slayed” his own version of “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato.

The netizens, on the other hand, were really impressed by his impressive vocal ability. Some of them even tagged the official Facebook page of Demi Lovato so that the young pop star could immediately notice him.

The video got thousands of reactions, shares and comments the moment it was uploaded. It instantly caught the attention of numerous netizens all over the world.


This was certainly a new way of “enjoying one’s bath.” Wouldn’t it be great to return to much simpler times like these? We can’t help but say that we are really jealous of this baby! We hope it enjoyed its very out of this world bath time!

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