This girl illustrates her ideal way of bathing a baby

Women especially mothers always want and prefer the best for their children. This is why they always give their 100 percent effort and sometimes even more just to provide the best care there is for their child. Especially when it comes to maintaining the health of their beloved children.

Most moms can probably relate to the effort of this woman when it comes to making sure that her child stays neat and clean.

In this particular video uploaded by the BabyCare Viet Youtube Channel, a woman was first seen holding her baby in front of a tub filled with water.

A few moments later, she picks up a small cloth and starts to scrub it against the baby’s teeth just like how adults would brush their own teeth.

She then proceeds with cleaning the face of the baby. She did so by using a small and soft towel to scrub the sensitive face of her baby. Then, she washes the baby’s hair with soap and rinses it with water from the other bath tub.

The next thing she did is to strip off the baby’s clothing so that the baby girl can soak her body into the water and she can easily clean through all her body parts.

She cleans from the neck of the baby down to her feet scrubbing all the way down to make sure the baby is perfectly clean in every way.

Amazingly, the baby did not cry like most babies do every time they take a bath. It was as if the child is loving what the lady is doing that all she does was smile from ear to ear.

So, to all moms out there, better try out this special cleaning routine for your child too. After all, staying clean is a step towards becoming more healthy and we all know that parents always want their children to stay healthy.

Watch the full video below:

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