This Clingy Fish Keeps Coming Back After Being Thrown Back Into The Water

The only pets people know that are clingy to their owners are cats and dogs. This is probably because they’re also the most common pets. Besides cats and dogs, some people like having turtles, spiders, fish, and even snakes as pets. But are they as clingy as cats and dogs? or are they even clingy at all to begin with?

In a Facebook viral, a particular fish proves that they can also be clingy to humans. In this hilarious video, a group of people observed a fish who seemed to keep coming back after they set them free.
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The people on the video were so amused at fish but insisted on putting it back to where it belongs, in the ocean. The persistent fish however kept swimming back to shore where the people were. They began to pet it like how humans pet cats or dogs.

According to Jonathan Balcombe, a Department Chair for Animal Studies, some fish actually do enjoy being touched by humans.
“It is a basic characteristic of animal behavior that animals will approach desirable things and retreat from undesirable ones.”

To be able to tell if the fish actually enjoys being touched is when it swims back at you repeatedly. Furthermore, Jonathan noted that touch is a very powerful de-stressor for animals and that fishes aren’t an exception. But even said that, he still doesn’t recommend everyone to pet their fish or any other fish. Some can still be spooked and hurt by a human’s touch. They may also acquire germs from our hands.

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