The man saved the beautiful girl who was attacked by two aggressive dogs, biting the dress into torn

Nowadays, the trend of raising pet dog is blooming, and it is accompanied by the introduction of many agressive dogs such as Pit bull. Inspite of being carefully guarded, these dogs sometimes becomes out of control and attacks other animals, and even humans.

If one unlucky day you meets an agressive dog, do you know what to do? The girl in the clip seems to be too scared so they just know to run away which makes the dogs become more agressive and try to catch two girls. Luckily, there is a strong man there and he saved them.
Two girls are talking to each other. Next to them, there is a man standing to talk with his friend.
When girls realized that some agressive dogs try to bite them, they just know to run as fast as they can.
And one of them ask the help from the man.

He tries his best to save the girl.

He even takes her into the car and fights with the dog alone.

Two girl are safe due to the man’s help.

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