The highest level of catwalk: Once passion, everywhere can become the fashion show

Recently, a clip about the scene of the “countryside model” show his talent at… the field is attracting the attention of the Internet community.

Do not overlook this appearance

In the clip, the “model” wearing the costumes looks quite fashionable but look carefully turned out to be made from all kinds of cheap materials such as plastic bags, leaves, plastic plate, etc. There are no expensive costumes glittering, no glittering stage lights, but only the shore or the dike, they still go to catwalk with the appearance is no different than professional models in the fashion show. Forget about space and costume everyone can not take their eyes off the stride confident, flexible and cool face of the “model”.

Really not kidding

Then the saying “Spirit is the only thing exists, the rest is or not is not important” is really exactly. An attitude is beautiful and attractive despite the circumstances always!

Clothes are also extremely special:

From specialty rice in the countryside

to the plastic dish-cover

and banana leaf

even plastic plates can become the white dress like this

This guy can make any thing around us become the “high fashion” dress

Indeed, it is very much admired by the creators of this “country” designer.

There is nothing impossible if there is human creativity.

Watch video:

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