The girl singing karaoke ‘Someone like you’ in the middle of the road, her voice resounds, all the people dilate

Hongdae, in the west of Seoul, is the most modern street in Korea, is the focus of the youthful and vibrant activities. The place is also famous for Karaoke performances of young people.

Here there is a karaoke machine, everyone can participate in singing. Every evening, there are many groups of young people to sing or dance so that everyone can enjoy. If the viewers feel interested, they can send little money to the performers. This is a way both to earn money and can perform the passion of the young people in Korea. Korean young people show their favorite songs with a confident style, full of emotions.

The girl in this clip has a small body but when she sang her voice, everyone was overwhelmed. Singing the song ‘Someone like you’ with the street karaoke, everyone was able to enjoy her live voice with the long and high tone that was opposed to the initial prediction of people through visual assessment.

The girl having a small body was singing street karaoke with the song ‘Someone like you’

When she sang her voice, everyone was overwhelmed

Many people around were really surprised by her voice. They thought this girl was a professional singer. After this clip recording the girl’s performance posted, it has received a lot of comments from netizens that “She should audition to SM or JYP or any of them.
She has an idol voice she has a better voice than an idol could have. Really? I never heard a beautiful voice, she has a beautiful voice I heard” or “If she pursue singing as a career, I hope she gets proper vocal training. Her voice is beautiful. Or is she already a singer?” or “Wow. She sounds exactly like Adele and Lee Hi’s voice. I wish there’s English subtitles for international fans”….

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