The 3-year-old boy brings bricks to make a billiards table, which makes his mother have to scream “My son is a genius.”

Children are always creative in their one way. You may never think that they can find out many to enjoy their world.
Video from a village in northern China of children playing a rudimentary game of pool using a “table” made of bricks.

In the video, filmed in a village in Zhangbei County in Hebei Province on December 2, witnesses filmed the unique game, which shows a boy potting balls on the wonky surface made up of breaks with holes in the corners.

The little boy was too creative that made his mother had to scream ”My son is genius”. The clip attracted millions of views after being posted on social network.
How can you find out that your children are very creative?

Have the ability to make unusual associations or connections between seemingly unrelated or remote ideas.

Have the ability to rearrange elements of thought to create new ideas or products.
Have a large number of ideas or solutions to problems.

Display intellectual playfulness, fantasize, imagine, and daydream. (see the poem Swirls on schools and daydreaming)
Are often concerned with adapting, improving, or modifying existing ideas, thoughts or products or the ideas or products of others.

Have a keen or unusual sense of humor and see humor others do not see.
Do not fear being different, but may still be emotionally hurt by non-acceptance. Often the importance of an idea outweighs that of peer acceptance.

Ask many questions at an early age – this trend generally continues past early childhood into adulthood. These are the kids that surprise others with their wonderings.
Frequently challenge teachers, textbook authors, and those in authority or “experts”.
Sometimes come up with unexpected, futuristic, bizarre, even “silly” answers or solutions.

Are sometimes resented by peers because of crazy or unusual ideas and their forcefulness and passion in presenting them or for pushing their ideas on others. In the context of cooperative efforts or groupings, highly creative students may get along or work better with younger or older students, or with adults

When completing special or unusual projects or assignments, often show a rare capacity for originality, intense concentration, commitment to completion, and persistence. In essence may be perceived as working hard to achieve personal goals.

Become obsessed with completing varied projects, or exhibit unusual persistence in completing tasks. It is this obsessive need to complete a task that is so important in differentiating folks with good ideas from those who are truly creative.
The creative boy created a billiards table to play.
The clip attracted millions of views after being posted on social network.
Be sure to check the profiles of creative adults as these tendencies often show themselves early. And remember, like creative adults, creative children may not be the easiest kids to live with.

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