Terrifying Video Shows Motorcyclist Shielding Girlfriend From Near-D‌‌e‌a‌th A‌cc‌i‌d‌ent on Thai Freeway

The clip, which featured a rider recklessly speeding through a highway during a heavy downpour, was taken back in 2015 on a road near the Lumtakong Lake in Thailand.

With his girlfriend riding on the back, the driver maneuvered his motorbike in between cars during what appears to be a powerful storm.

In footage taken via the driver’s GoPro camera, he is shown speeding down the highway and racing past other vehicles.
The road was slippery as a result of the heavy rain which caused the rider to lose control when he reached a sharp turn. The rider and his girlfriend were thrown off of their bike.

The dramatic footage captured the scary moment when the pair swerved along the road with their motorcycle following closely behind them. Struggling to f‌ig‌ht against momentum, they tried to get off the road as other vehicles sped towards them.

With the apparent danger of being run over, the rider managed to gain some control while his girlfriend spun towards him. When he was finally able to grab hold of her leg, he used his own body to shield her as they slid onto the side of the road.

Finally out of danger, they checked themselves for injuries. Not only did both of them appear uninjured, but their motorcycle also looked unharmed.

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