Taking wife to hospital to give birth, husband holds hands and encourages his wife: Be strong, everything will be fine!

Being born as a woman is hard and painful. Later on, when they get married, nobody can tell that they will happy or not.

Lucky woman will married to good husband who will understand and share with you. There are many less fortunate to take his husband heartless and have to suffer their entire life. That’s why people say women are over each other in choosing husband, the happiness of a woman’s life is almost determined by the man she chooses to close-knit with.

Recently a video clip has appeared on the scene of the husband to take his wife to hospital to give birth. It is the husband’s loving and caring actions that makes everyone feel good, and comment on ‘must get married to the person like him’.

Photos in the clip recorded the scene of the young wife in labor, extremely struggling and painful to the point of choking, crying like a child. Seeing that, his husband just holding hands, just kiss his wife. Then help his wife and talk with the baby must come out quickly for her pain … Looking at these simple but honest action, many women was both impressed and admired.

Husband just kiss his wife and encourage his wife in labor

After only a few hours of posting, this video clip has garnered over 2 million views, nearly 2,000 likes, thousands of share and countless comments. Most people are enthusiastic about the young man as he has chosen to stay with his wife every second, patting his wife through the pain of the hardest time of her life.

Husband also kiss baby and comfort his wife not to cry

Those who have passed through the giving-birth will know that for women, when transplanting, they are the weakest, must suffer the most painful in their life. Then of course, every wife and mother want to have her husband stand by, to hold her husband to transmit more strength and success. This is the child of two persons, why would women have to suffer alone?

Below this post, many women have been very touched by these images and comment:

‘The husband is great! When labor is the most painful. Fortunately for her, her husband was on the side. It is not only concerned that he is better understood than his wife’s struggles, since he knows love, protects and compensates for his wife more” said T.L.

Besides, there are also many women tag their husband/father’s future children in order to tell that later get to do like this guy.

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