Take A Look At The Incredibly Disturbing Differences Between South And North Korea (Pictures & Video)

One year ago, Jacob Laukaitis went on a strictly guided seven-day tour in North Korea, where they took away his passport and didn’t allow him to explore anything on his own. He kept wondering what life was like in the neighboring South Korea, which was the same country just over sixty years ago! That’s why he did visit South Korea this year so that he could compare his experiences in both of those countries.

The pictures below show the differences of life in both Koreas – first one stands for South, and the second stands for North.

                                #1 Free Time

                                       #2 Youth

                                #3 Parking Lot

                                   #4 Street

                                  #5 Countryside

                                #6 University

                                #7 Train Station

Reference: Bored Panda

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