Surprising Things Your Palm Reveals About Your Personality

Ever wondered what these lines on your palms say? Why are they there? And why are the palmists so celebrated? Well, FYI, palm lines have a lot to say about one’s personality. Ranging from habits to personality traits these lines convey a lot, immensely.

There are basically four lines on the palm that are predominant. The four lines are the life line, heart line, headline and the fate line. There are a lot of facts hidden between these lines! Some of us have forked lines, some have broken, some have deep and straight ones, some have faint and so on.

There have been times when we have been sitting idle and gazing at our hands, just to figure out what the future has in store for us. Alas, we were left clueless and sad, for not being able to discover. But, this piece does equip you to a large extent on this topic.

#1. Life line on the palm.

It extends between the index finger and the thumb. It gives an idea of the emotional and physical health

A short deep line shows that…

one can deal with adversities and are also easy to be manipulated.

A long and deep line shows that

one is well-balanced, strong and healthy.

A faint line shows that

you don’t have much stamina and get tired easily.

A broken line says that

You will suffer an illness or an accident.

A chained line shows that

You will suffer from emotional and physical issues and your life will always be haphazard.

A double or triple line says that

You possess great energy. You may also have a twin or find your true soulmate.

Also, there’s something for those who do not have a lifeline.

You may not know how to relax and might suffer from anxiety.

#2. The heart line.

It is also known as the love line. It is all about your emotional health and relationship. It is located above the lifeline. It extends from the index finger to the pinky finger.

A long line means that

You are open and you may have unrealistic expectations.

A very long line means that

You have dependant habits in a relationship.

A short line shows that

You are self-absorbed and an introvert.

A deep line shows that

You lead a stressful life.

A deep straight line shows that

You are a rebel and believe in following your own path. Also, you tend to get jealous.

A straight line also means that you are logical.

Also, if your heart line is straight and parallel to your headline then

You are always in control of your emotions.

A wavy line shows that you

Have many relationships, but not very serious.

A double-forked line shows that

You value romance and logic.

#3. The head line.

It is also known as the wisdom line. It is between the thumb and the index finger, above the lifeline.

A long line means that you are an intelligent personality

You value logic and think that way. Also, you are blessed with a strong memory.

A very long line shows that

You are a strong person and also try to be self-centered. You are organized, too.

A short line shows that you are analytical

And do not take things as they come. You first watch out for yourself.

A sloped or curved line shows that

You are romantic, idealistic and opportunistic, too.

A thin line shows that

you are a dreamer.

A broken line means that

You are mentally exhausted and many-a-times lose control over your thoughts.

#4. There are minor secondary lines, too

Small and deep, strewn lines show that you will have a great career.

#5. Also, if you have a lot of forks in your hand then you will have a turbulent career.

Phew! I think that was just too much to grasp. But this knowledge is surely fun when you want to flaunt your knowledge and palmistry and enjoy with others.

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