Snake swallows a whole egg easily

According to experts, the eastern rat snake is a nonvenomous type of reptiles found in North America. It has other common names including pilot snake, chicken snake. Meanwhile, this serpent is named as yellow rat snake and Everglades rat snake in Florida in United States. As for its scientific term, it is called Pantherophis alleghaniensis. Although, there is nothing to be afraid of as these rat snakes are certainly harmless. Its bite will hurt; however, it is considered not very dangerous to a person’s well-being.

The UNILAD Magazine’s Facebook page posted a recent video of an eastern rat snake that swallowed an egg easily. The public page wrote in the video’s caption, “Watching this snake swallow an egg whole is both terrifying and amazing.”

In the viral video, the rat snake slowly tried to consume a whole egg. The rat snake opened its jaw widely and devoured the egg in an instant with just a little effort.

Usually, snakes are known to eat their preys entirely. This egg-eating snake has a sharp rib bones that can help boost the digestion of foods.
Meanwhile, social media users dropped their jaws after they watched the viral video. Most of the netizens expressed a shocking reaction below the comments section.
The viral video made rounds online as it reached more than a million views and thousand likes after posting a few days ago.

This type of serpent can grow 36 inches long up to 72 inches. So, it is best advised to keep a distance with these animals to avoid any violent incident.
As the rat snakes enter into its adult stage, it develops a shiny black upper body and a white throat. Its belly toward the tail has a checkerboard-like pattern.

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