Snake found in airport causes passengers to panic.

Have you seen the movie “Snakes On A Plane?” Just like what the title says, it’s about, well, snakes being on a plane. To go further into detail, it’s about snakes harming people in a plane. For a time, it was really one of the most popular movies out there. In the Philippines, a similar scenario was witnessed, but it happened before people even got to board their planes. Yup, that’s right. A snake actually found its way inside one of our airports, and it certainly scared a lot of passengers.

An airport can be a place where people could relax before their long and tiring flights. Despite this, in our country, it always seems like the airport can bring people so much stress. The long lines, slow service, and constant logistical delays are just some of the things that can cause this. Recently though, inside an airport in Tacloban, people got stressed out because of a snake that came out of nowhere.

In a video posted online, we see the reptile slithering swiftly through the floor of the said airport’s lounge. Almost immediately, people started running away from it the moment they saw it. From then on, it caused a chain reaction of panic that circulated all over the area. No one really knows where or more importantly, how it got inside. Some found the whole incident hilarious. On the other hand, most people felt more apprehensive, and of course even disappointed with Philippine airports.
Many accuse the airport staff of letting this happen. For some passengers, the thought of flying was already something that they worry about. They expressed how they didn’t need any more sources of this.

Fortunately, no reports of people being harmed were announced.

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Hopefully, the system in our airports gets fixed. Actually, we hope the whole country’s system gets fixed. The Filipino people certainly deserve more than this. A lot of people are actually trying to make a positive change for the nation. In the end, this video adds more proof that our leaders (and some citizens) should really, REALLY be doing something to fix these kinds of things rather than, well, acting like “snakes” sometimes. Most of the time. Peace.

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