‘Self-Pouring’ Beer Machine at All-You-Can-Drink Restaurant in Japan Wows the Internet

A video of a robotic beer dispenser that tilts one glass back before pouring the perfect pint is amusing netizens on social media.

Reddit user Scramble187 shared his video of the “self-pouring beer” from a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan during a recent visit.

With the press of one button, the machine conveniently tilts the glass before filling it with beer.

A calibrated amount of liquid pours out of the dispenser.

The dispenser then tops the drink with some foam for a delectable finish.

The result is a perfect pint that might just give bartenders a run for tips.

Similar machines are reportedly found across Japan, mostly in buffet restaurants.
People are loving the one-of-a-kind robot:
However, others have some concerns to discuss, particularly the foam it spits out.

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