People Flock To Rescue This Man When They Thought He Is Drowning

Every time we turn on our television to watch news, mostly we hear bad news about criminal activities and injustice. Even hearing someone’s body was found already robbed off of life has become normal to our ears. Still, we will never stop feeling fear especially when we think we are witnessing the bad things we only hear in news happening in real life.

In a viral video, a man was slumped against the strong water current and his back was only seen. Half of his body is submerged in the water while he seemed unmoving. Few seconds has passed and the man has still showed no signs of life. Many curious people are already crowding around the area. They are wide-eyed with this tragic sight of an unfortunate victim who probably suffered from bad people.

However, these bystanders are in for the biggest plot twist of their life. A concerned citizen went near the body to check on it. He gave it a pat in the arm and to everyone’s shock his hand moved and swatted the concerned person’s hand. All of a sudden, the unmoving man before has rose to life.
People watching become more shocked when he fully stood up in his birthday suit. He is not wearing any piece of clothing to cover his body. Maybe the man everyone thought already resting in peace is just simply taking a rest.

Who would have thought skinny dipping on the water without moving an inch is his way of relaxing? Of course, we all have our own ways of releasing stress. It is just that he did it in an unusual manner that would give a lot of people heart problems. The only good thing in here is that the man is actually alive while he also got his rest.

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