No one can believe: Plucky poodle steals scooter from toddler – and rides away

There are many funny moments between dogs and kids but no one can believe that this below situation!
The video shows amazing footage of a poodle grabbing a toddler’s electric scooter and riding away has emerged from in China.

This toddler was standing beside the scooter.

The video, filmed in Changshu in eastern-central Jiangsu Province on September 9, shows the toddler girl trying to work out how to use her electric scooter.
A puddle dog suddenly ran to where she was standing!

The dog immediately rode the scooter in her surprise.
The little girl tried to chase after the dog.

and finally she gave up!
However, a school-bag wearing poodle walks up behind her, gets onto the scooter and manages to succeed where the toddler failed, resting its front legs on the scooter’s handle bars and riding away.

The girl chases behind the dog and even tries to tap the dog to stop, to no avail
Watch video:

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