Lucky construction workers found cash and gold bars inside a vault

Old myths often include stories about treasures being kept in a vault or a treasure box and are buried deep under the ground of a house or somewhere where only a few people can manage to find. As it turns out, these myths have some truth to it.

Over the years, there has been reports of these treasures being recovered by random people. Just like how these construction workers managed to stumble upon an old vault. Little did they know that the vault contains something that will change their lives forever.

In a footage circulating online, a group of workers were seen carrying an old vault from inside a house, the group had a hard time trying to open the vault. They tried to hit the locks of the vault with a hammer but that did not work.

They then tried to open the upper part of the vault with a circular saw. It still took several hits before they managed to create a small opening for a hand to fit in and try to see what the contents of the vault are.

On the upper part, they were able to retrieve paper bills which were kept in bundles. Then, upon going deeper into the contents of the vault, they were able to find a gold bar! Surprisingly, several more gold bars was also pulled out from inside the vault.

The workers could not contain their happiness from finding a treasure of a lifetime. One even exclaimed ‘I Love this Job.”

Well, who wouldn’t love a job that can pay their bills and at the same time provide you with all your monetary needs, right?

Just watch their full video here:

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