Look at this awesome invention made from bamboo!

Inventions are a marriage of science and art. Such inventions are powered by science and designed by art. People uses different materials in constructing such inventions from metal, wood, plastic and other more. After the emergence of plastic, a decline in the usage of wood has been seen through.

Although underappreciated, woods such as bamboos are still of the widely used material. Bamboos are very amazing as it has many uses and is easy to propagate. These plants are very versatile as it is used in wide array of fields. It can be used in construction, medicine, food and industry.
Bamboos are also very sustainable. It can grow from a system of roots as it reproduces from that level and they are very durable and strong. About 100 species of bamboos are used commercially and are mostly used in construction due to its durability comparable to steel.

Smaller bamboos are sometimes used in making ornaments usually seen on water fountains with a Zen motif. Some even make mechanisms for that certain purpose.
Recently, a viral video wherein it showcases an amazing mechanism made out of bamboo with very intricate details. Apparently, it is some kind of small water fountain placed on container. The flowing water causes the mechanisms to move as it is powered by a pump connected to a power supply.
On the video you can see two of those mechanisms, one wherein it appears a small bamboo person is trying to make it move. So much creativity is put on to this invention.

The video is really trending right now as it already has more than 7 million views, almost 70 thousand likes and reactions, and 180 thousand shares as of today.
You will be amazed how that person was able to make that kind of invention with such a piece of material. A lot of netizens commended that inventor for his effort and creativity. A lot of netizen’s comments envied and hoped that they also have that kind of talent and creativity. It truly is a work of art and artists should be given a spotlight for this.

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