Little Lamb Got Stuck In An Underground Tube, Kids Help Rescue It From Being Trapped

Farm animals are always parts of the nursery rhymes we used to sing when we were kids. There are the cows and ducks of old McDonald, there’s the horses in “The Farm Song,” and of course, who could forget Baa Baa tha black sheep, and the little lamb owned by Mary?

Needless to say, we have had encounters with these animals even before we have seen them face to face. But probably the most uncommon animal to see around are sheep and lamb as you would really have to deliberately visit a farm so you could see them. Unlike cows and horses which we may actually see in some occasions other than visiting a farm.

Most children love sheep and lambs mainly because they have very fluffy bodies. To the eyes of the children, they are like clouds that have grown a head and legs and was sent to earth. No wonder it has been used by many parents as a tool to calm their children down and fall asleep—yes we are talking about those times our mothers asked us to count sheep in our head so we’d fall asleep.

Like other domesticated animals, sheep also tend to be curious and playful. And this characteristic of them sometimes lead them into sticky situations. One example would be this viral video that has been going around on the internet lately.

The video begins with a view of what looked like a large tube submerged in the ground. It looked like it was part of a long tube with the rest of it still underground. It was obviously dug up for a reason. We also see that the tube has been sliced open on its side.

Then, we see some pairs of feet standing next to the dug-up hole, and two pieces of crowbar trying to claw out the sliced part of the tube. We can also hear conversations from behind the camera, which allows us to assume that these are kids trying to rescue an animal stuck in the tube.

They tried to claw the tube open but it was too sturdy to give in. The children’s mother was also in the site of the incident so she tries to use an electronic cutter to slice another part of the tube. Finally, it cracked open and revealed a poor black little lamb waiting to be rescued.

Good thing the kids didn’t stop until they got it out. They were overly happy that they rescued this cute animal and the video ended with a nice picture taking.

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