Life Before Birth: Breathtaking Video Shows 9 Months In Under 5 Minutes

An incredible video is circulating that contains a certain grain of positivity that a lot of people could use in today’s culture.

The miracle of life was captured in an animation depicting the life of a baby being developed in the mother’s womb, from conception to 9 months in 4 minutes.

One of the only videos you’ll find of a high tech looking, computerized animation that is actually about life itself, this fast paced, incredible construction shows what you went through before you entered the brightness of this world.
According to one article:
“Carrying a baby and giving birth is the greatest gift that our mothers give us. Many consider it a miracle, and for good reason. The video below shows how a baby develops in the womb, cramming 9 months of development into four minutes. It really is amazing the journey we all take, isn’t it?”

First, the video starts with the journey sperm would take on the path to fertilizing an egg. Then, what appears to be cellular division takes place once the sperm enters the egg.

The video is very high definition, and every detail of the process is vivid and well thought out. Next, the ball of cells that eventually develop into a baby find a spot in the womb to latch on and start growing, as you can see around :49 in the video.
Eventually, the developing child looks a little bit like a lizard mixed with a human being, with this aquatic type appearance. The size of a developing baby at this stage is so incredibly small, but the features of the person are so apparent already, it’s incredible.
All kinds of interesting angles and motions are present in the video, which zooms out from the tiny beating heart of the very young developing baby around 1:06.

The perspective of the animation circles in a 360 degree motion around the developing baby, as the eyes appear, and other distinct features of the face.

Further things you’d expect to develop with a baby in the womb continue in the video.
This received a whopping 25 million views on YouTube, organically going so incredibly viral, it should give people some hope for humanity because there’s not a single thing negative about this.

Some comments on the creation read:
“Someone or something must have designed all this”
“and who created the mother and father? these macro complicated creation just arranged by itself accordingly? “and He created the world and its content to those who wants to think (and use their brain)”

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