Japan’s Pregnancy Announcement Meme Is Hilarious

America has really dropped the ball on memes this year. Where in the past we could expect an Ikea Monkey or a Nyan Cat every other month, this year we’ve had to make do with things like the Hail Hydra meme. Lucky for us, Japan is here to save us with what might be the best meme of 2014. Names for this one vary, but it’s been called “Pregnancy Announcement,” “Pregnancy Test Photoshop,” or “Pregnancy Collage.”

The basic idea is to photoshop the same blank template of a positive pregnancy test onto other pictures, hopefully with hilarious results. The meme started with just anime pictures, but following popular stories on Kotaku and Reddit, and the #PregnancyAnnouncement hashtag on twitter, the Americans have gotten into it and added a bunch of western cartoons and live action shows and video games. I’ve collected some of my favorites down below!

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