Japanese High Schoolers Share the Last Homemade Lunches From Their Parents Before Graduation

In Japan, it’s perfectly fine to bring lunch made by your parents through high school — and we mean those cute bento boxes that take hours to make.

So with Japan’s graduation season approaching — February and March — many seniors have started sharing their last bento lunches on social media!

At first glance, it’s easy to think that the whole thing would be some sort of Best Bento Contest, but seeing how these students appreciate their parents’ efforts shows how genuine their gratitude is.Today was the last day of my mom waking me up and making my kyaraben for me.

They were always fully loaded with characters and miniatures or themed for school events, and I admired how expressive and creative she was.

Check out some of the touchy words by students:
I love my amazing, wonderful mother.
Thank you so much for these three years.

My mom usually just throws my bento together, but since today was my last one, we made it together last night.
I know it was a lot of work for her to make them for three years, but they were delicious every day.
My mom taught me so much… I’ll do my best even after I graduate.

Good morning!
This is the last bento I’ll be making for my second son.
Thank you for telling me how much you liked them, every day for three years, never missing a day.

There was a note from my mom in my final high school bento.
Mom, thank you so much for waking up early and making them for me every single day.
I was so moved by her letter.

I’ll still ask for your bento in the future, mom!
The note reads:
Dear Shun,
How’s your last bento?
It makes me a little sad to think I won’t make them for you anymore.
But if you ever want one again, I’ll still make it for you!
Make the most of the little time you have left in high school.

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