In Japan, Farming Woman Actually Get a Practical Fashion Line

A clothing brand has unveiled its new line of fashionable attire for Japan’s stylish farmers.

Norastyle’s latest fall and winter looks featured in its latest pamphlet are specifically designed for agricultural workers.

With the bright and colorful patterns highlighting the trendy pieces, the hard-working farm workers can stay warm while looking awesome in their daily grind out in the fields.

The designs of the five outfits featured on the leaflet front page are all made to be charming while retaining their practicality.

Other items listed inside include trendy gloves, fabric masks, hats with some varieties such as a hat with a fabric guard.

According to SoraNews24, Norastyle has made sure to incorporate feedback from their targeted customers in its bid to provide the best products.

When some customers complained that the free sizes were too small, the clothing brand released larger sizes. One customer also wrote that some things would fall out of the jacket pockets, prompting the brand to update their designs to have pockets that can be fastened shut.

The fashionable farming attire being sold by Norastyle are designed for female workers at the moment, but male farmers can opt to try some Samurai-inspired look or the recently unveiled “Outdoor Kimono” instead.

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