If you are not satisfied with your life, let this lovely boy inspire you!

As parents who give birth to children, no one wants their children to be unhealthy and defective. Nor a boy or girl who wants to be imperfect. This boy was born missing four limbs. He is just able to move on the floor playing with the ball by crawling, dragging, and pushing the ball.

He was playing with his mother. His clear voice was reading loudly and unceasingly to his mother as if saying ‘Mum! Kick the ball to me!’, ‘I will pass it back to you!
This poor little boy has a handsome and intelligent face with a high, smart forehead. But his life is not as expected.

Perhaps this is the most loving and interesting toy to him, because he has no hands to play any other toys.

Seeing the way he plays along with the bright face, the light of joy in his eyes is hard to describe, no one thought he was a disabled boy, because he was too strong and resilient. The important thing is the shortcomings of the body not reducing the happiness of playing with his mother and his favourite toy.

People still say that hand’s lines will ultimately decide whether your life is successful or not, but that little boy demonstrates that even without the right hand lines you can still live happily with what you have.

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