Huge Fluffy Clouds Fell To The Ground Causing Huge Blockage On The Road

When we were little kids, we would always use our imagination to create new and wonderful things around us. We used it all the time when we played with our toy cars and airplanes, imagining that they were along a race track or flying in the sky. We used our imaginations when we built fortress made out of mattress to keep the enemies from entering our rooms.

We played with our hands to create images in our shadows, forming them into different shapes or even animals. Most especially, we have all stared at the sky in one cloudy day, trying to look out for wonderful things that we may see among the clouds.

We have all done it; found a bunny, a dog, an ice cream, and even dragons through a fluffy cloud formation in the sky. It was probably a universal favorite past time among kids during their younger years. It has also fueled a lot of mind’s creativity as it exercises them to think outside of the box. But most especially, it has made us dream to fly, be among the clouds, and touch them.

In a recent viral video circulating in several social media platforms, we see a gigantic lump of cloud that has descended to the roads of Xinjiang. It was very fluffy looking and was a bit dark as if it were one of those rain clouds. What was amazing was how this huge mass of cloud was resting on the road itself.

No one has ever thought of clouds descending to the ground. We have only dreamed of this when we were little kids, but now that we’ve seen it on the ground, we’re quite not sure if anybody would really want to go inside that gigantic fluffy thing.

According to reports, sightings of clouds falling to the ground is a natural yet common phenomenon in Xinjiang and Tibet. This probably has something to do with the fact that they are positioned in higher altitude. During colder days, the clouds get filled with a lot of water vapor trapped inside it causing them to be very heavy. This is what results to the clouds falling to the ground.

It is a rather amazing thing to see, if you were to ask anybody. As a matter of fact, it has gathered thousands of views, shares, and reactions from all over the world.

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