Homemade Hokkaido cheese toast will boost your energy for a new day


– Corn starch: 25g
– Sugar: 30g
– Salt: 0.5 tbsp
– Egg yolk: 1
– Water: 240ml
– Unsalted butter: 25g
– Sanwiches: 6 pieces
– Cheeses: 6 pieces


Step 1: Combine the mixture of corn starch, sugar, salt and egg yolk with water. Stir well. Then, sieve the mix and bring to a boil with unsalted butter until it condenses.

Step 2: Prepare the breads. Put them into a toaster oven. Lay out bread slices and slather each with the mix above evenly.

Step 3: Add the slice of cheese in the middle of two bread slices and bake with unsalted butter until both slices of bread turn lightly brown.

Step 4: Remove the breads from the oven and enjoy!

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