Guy Gets Caught Trying To Steal Cellphone From A Shop, Ends Up Getting Ganged Up By Three Men

Over the past decade, we have seen a lot of breakthroughs in terms of technology, especially those that focus on media and communication. It seems as though every year, we get introduced to a new type of smartphone or device.

Ironically, as the rate of technology progress, it appears as though the rate of misdemeanors recorded also increases. The more gadgets available in the market, the more opportunities there are for th1eves to steal things.

Fortunately, these technological breakthroughs have also led us to having CCTV cameras that allow us to get footages of what is happening in our surroundings. Having such technology in stores and other shops gives store owners the peace of mind that should there be any misdemeanor committed within the premises of their property, it will be recorded in the CCTV footage.

But these CCTV cameras do not only bear witness to cr1m3s that happen within the premises, they also capture interesting events that transpire in the area, just like in the case of this recent viral video that has been populating many newsfeeds recently.

In the video, we see a footage of a street side cellphone shop. There were three guys visible in the camera frame at the beginning of the video. The first one can be seen right at the very bottom of the screen, his back facing the front of the store.

The other guy looked like he was the main store attendant. He wore no shirt, just a pair of denim shorts, and was talking to another guy who looked like a customer inquiring about smartphones. The third guy, the one inquiring about phones, had a helmet on his head and was wearing a black jacket.

The attendant and the customer talked for a while, and after a few moments the attendant leaves the guy and looked like he was going to get something for him. As soon as the attendant left, the customer reached toward the other side of the glass shelf and slid the door open.

Waiting for the right timing, he looks around him trying to check if somebody was looking, and upon realizing that it was somehow safe for him to take a phone, he tries to snag one from the shelf. Unfortunately for him, the other guy turned around and caught him in the act.

Immediately after seeing the th1ef’s attempt to steal a phone, they started h1tting him with whatever stuff they could find around them. The attendant later joined in, carrying a plastic chair which he used toward the thief.

Let this video serve as a lesson to us. Even karma is now digital. Whatever bad thing you try to do, will immediately come to bite you in the butt.

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