Guy almost lost his own life to save a baby who fell on the train tracks

While it may be true that heroes with superpowers don’t really exist in this world, acts of heroism can still exist in various forms. Such as this person who became viral online because he seemingly saved a baby in a crib that fell of the train tracks!

When one encounters threats in their lives, it is always good to know that there are still some people who are willing to risk their own lives to save other. Just like what this good man did for someone.
The viral video started where the man was on the train tracks because a crib fell off and a woman nearby did not know what to do. Because of his quick actions, the guy managed to get the crib and himself back in the safety platform just in time before the train passed by.

The guy managed to get himself back on the platform just literally a second before the train was there. It was so unbelievable that the video even included a slow-motion of the last few seconds in order to show how just a split second would have been crucial for the guy’s safety.

While others praised the guy for his heroic deed, some netizens cannot just help but be skeptical about the whole incident. Many netizens pointed out that the most logical thing to do in that situation was to get the crib and the man on the other side and just wait for the train to pass.

So great job and all… but am I the only one wondering why he didn’t just take the stroller and take two steps left and hang out on the hill till the train passed then climb up??… why take the chance? Just stand clear then lift the stroller after,” one netizen commented.

“I found several things odd with this video. First, the carriage is way further out than where it should be if it fell off the edge. Also, cutting the video short as he is missed by the train is odd. There’s no showing the baby and mom or the normal crying and hugging that goes along with these heroics. This video turns out to be faked.”

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