Giant ‘Pants’ Sleeping Bag From Japan is Something You Never Knew You Needed

A sleeping bag for two that takes the shape of giant pants is now for sale in Japan, keeping your loved one within reach at night.

The product, created by lifestyle brand Felissimo, is officially called the “Super-Big Wrapped in Warmth and Happy Fuzzy-Lined Sleeping Bag,” according to SoraNews24.

From the pictures, it can easily be mistaken for regular pants — until humans get inside.

Just look at how comfortable its inner fabric is!

The sleeping bag has two holes for sleepers to poke their heads out and breathe.
It is perfect for the cold weather, but keep in mind that it’s not for outdoor use.

The sleeping bags also comes with zippered sides, so there’s nothing to worry about when the weather gets warm.

Just fold back the upper layer!

The sleeping bag’s “cuffs” are also removable, so in case you feel like using it as an “actual” pair of pants and walk, go ahead.

Felissimo sells the “Super-Big Wrapped in Warmth and Happy Fuzzy-Lined Sleeping Bag” for 42,120 yen ($376). You can order one here.

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