Friends Prank Guy Into Believing That He Has Lost His Kidney In This Hilarious Video

Some people have just taken pranks to a whole new level. Check out this elaborate plan that a group of guys did just to make their friend believe that he’s lost his kidney.

The video begins with a group of guys setting up a major prank for their int0xicat3d friend. He is seen unc0nsciously lying on a bed. One of the guys come up to him and lifted his shirt. He was holding a piece of h0spital bandage and sticks it to the sleeping guy’s side belly. He then takes some spray paint and sprayed some red color in to the bandage to make it look like bl00d.

After that, another guy gets some sort of thick hose or tube and sticks it to the same side of the guy’s belly through a ton of duct tape. The prank was rather elaborate as we see them doing a lot of things in a fast-forwarded scene.

We then see a different view and angle of cameras. The scenes were labeled with Camera 1 which was a view of the bathroom from outside the door, and Camera 2, which was installed right inside the bathroom, just above the bath tub.
In the bathroom, there was a fake kidney resting on top of the toilet seat. It was placed over some plastic container. We also see that the walls of the bathroom had some red fluids on them, making it look like bl00d dripping on the walls.

Finally, they took their in0xicat3d friend into the bath tub that was filled with ice, and positioned the tube properly so that it goes directly to the toilet bowl. The other guy was even dressed as a laboratory man, complete with scrub suit and face mask. He was the one who sprayed some ammonia on a piece of tissue and let the sleeping guy sniff it so he would gain consciousness.

Once the guy woke up, he couldn’t make sense of where he was and what was happening around him. He looked like he was in pain and as soon as he realized what the surroundings looked like, he tried to scream, to which the masked guy in uniform came in carrying a syringe.

The guy screams like a girl and the man in the uniform reveals that they were only pranking him. This was such an elaborate plan just to prank a friend.

Watch the whole video here:

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