Dancing Baby Inside Her Mother’s Womb

We have long known the unborn babies can hear music and sounds from outside of the womb, as well as sounds within the mother’s body, like her heartbeat. Recent research suggests that unborn babies respond to music 10 weeks earlier than previously believed. In this research, three-dimensional images showed fetuses opening their mouths and sticking out their tongues when music was played.

This has led the researchers to believe that music activated brain circuits and stimulated language and communication within the womb. This is exciting news as this is something mothers can do for their bubs while pregnant that is easy and fun! In the study classical music was used. Other studies have indicated that babies also respond to music their mothers played, which could include different genres. While this current study claims babies do not respond in a special way to their mother’s voices, I still believe this to be a very beautiful and intimate way for expectant mums to communicate with their little ones.

But recently, an incredible video of a pregnant woman who is listening to a music and the baby inside her womb is listening and dancing as well. It’s really unbelievable!

Watch full video here:

Its like the baby is having fun dancing inside her mother’s womb, maybe the baby is twerking inside. Just kidding! But its like the baby is enjoying every beat of the music. It was so cool! The baby will become a dancer for sure.

So, if you are pregnant don’t be afraid to play your favorite music or classical music to your unborn child. They can hear the music and perceive it from within the womb.

One word of warning, don’t be tempted to use headphones on your belly as this has been shown to be potentially over stimulating for bub and too loud. Playing music will probably help you relax too! And this is always good for bub.

Do what feels right for you, don’t feel you ‘have’ to play music to your unborn child, but if you love music then play it and feel good and your bub might just be dancing along too!

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