Biker Wows the Netizens with His Motor Stunts

Heavy traffic is the worse. Imagine working eight hours (or more) from work, and driving or commuting another couple of hours just to get home. Bad traffic consumes a huge chunk of one’s time. And here you are stuck in it instead of doing something more productive, spending time with your loved ones, or taking a good rest.

One of some ways to avoid a heavy traffic or lessen ones time to commute is through a motorcycle. In the Philippines, there are a lot of motorcycle owners. They believe that it is cheaper than possessing a four-wheeler vehicle and is faster on traffic jams. Also, we have a motorcycle ride sharing app that has put some people in to a faster and more convenient mean of travelling.

But recently on Facebook, motorcycles were not used as a means of a more convenient travelling but for fun. A video had gone viral that involves motorcycles and riding in style. The video was taken in a foreign country by their men. The old man in the video was wearing a white overall and riding his dope motorcycle in a highway. The man was performing tricks and exhibition on it while it was in rolling. At first, he stood up to it and started dancing. He managed to balance his two-wheel ride and even seated on only one side of it. The man seemed to enjoy giving entertainment to the people with him on the road as he even laid his back down to the motorcycle seat with his feet up. All these stunts, yet he kept his balance and speed on. All of the passer by cheered him up as they took their phones and snap a video of the man. He, then, continued to amuse his watchers as he stood up again until the last minute of the video.

The video was uploaded by a Facebook page with a caption “wala kayo sa lolo ko”. It already has 272 thousand views as of writing with more than 6 thousand shares online. People have been tagging their friends in the comment section to share the amusement.

On the other hand, there are also people commenting about the safety of the man. They thought that although it was very amusing, it was still a dangerous act. Some warned the other riders about not trying and imitating it to keep themselves safe.

At the end of the day, our safety should always be at paramount.

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