Amazing Monkey Washes His Owner’s Clothes

umans and animals have stronger connections to each other; more than what we actually think. Since time immemorial, we have coexisted with them as we tend the Earth. Humans have found several ways of interacting with animals in the same ways that animals, even the ones in the wild, have adjusted to the presence of humans in their turfs.

As a matter of fact, humans have grown quite dependent on animals when it comes to their needs. We normally need chickens for eggs and other dairy products, we need pigs and cows for our daily source of meats. We also depend on ocean animals for our source of seafood.

But apart from bringing us food, animals, especially the domesticated ones, bring us something that is heartier and more soulful. These animals that we consider pets actually provide us the companion and emotional security that we need as human beings.

But apart from that, our pets have also evolved in terms of learning how to live with human pet owners. They have learned tricks to entertain us. They have adapted to our emotional moods, recognizing when we are feeling down. Most of all, some of these very intelligent pets have actually learned to perform household chores, just like this monkey on a recent viral video.

The footage seemed to be taken in someone’s yard, where a monkey was seen playing around with pieces of cloth. It looked like the monkey was on top of a small cage, as we can see that it was seated on a roof like platform.


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