A talented young man performed the hit ‘Havana’ by calculators – Extremely unique !

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All of you must know the Korean young guy who is famous for his series of creative videos, collabing with a chicken toy covered hits. He’s not only gifted but also funny at the same time. Together with his good-looking appearence, he has more then 5 millions subcribers.

If you get fed up with the song Havana which is played million times everywhere. There are a host of covers, but, undoubtedly, this version is the most unique cover. No singer, no musical instruments, just three calculators, this young man took ‘Havana’ into a new level.

The machines’s sound was strange but pretty cool, you would definitely have goosebumps when listening to his product.

This video, obviously, received millions of views, compliments from his fans. They even made jokes over this.
” Parents- you need to learn how to play piano
This guy- …

Parents- ok then…”
“What’s even the point in learning the piano anymore”
“Teacher on the first day of school: Tell me about yourself do you have any talents?
uh I can play a calculator”
“I Can’t Even Play A Instrument And You Can Play A Calculator.”
“Classmate: hey what do you play!
Him: oh I play calculator!
Classmate: …”

“The person who is doing this : Are you human? Like…how???”
He’s deserved to be regconized and be praised for his pure talent. So, believe in yourself ! You can do anything as long as you keep positive attitude inside your mind ! Get up ! Get out ! Get motivated ! Get inspired ! Get shine one everyday ! Just like this young man, he believes in what he can bring to the world even if it takes him a long time and effort to improve to everyone !

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