A New Prank That Involves Trust and Friends. Check It Out!

Pranking has been one of the favorite past times of many people around the world. People of all ages- the children, teenagers, and even the elders are really fond on doing to this practical joke. Most of them take a video of the whole prank and upload it online to share the laughs everywhere in the world.

There are people who do the prank on their parent/s. There was one where a girl prank called her mom. The phone was on loudspeaker when she told her that she was pregnant. Of course, the mother had gone full range before the girl admitted that it was all a joke. There are people who pull a prank on their boyfriends and girlfriends. And probably one of the popular pranks was pranking your significant other on you cheating. A video online had quickly gone viral where the man installed hidden cameras in his room to capture his girlfriend’s reaction about the prank. And there are some people who even do it to strangers. One of the favorites would be the one where a man was hiding behind a public shower pouring shampoos to the targets. Some tried to rinse it off as they were curious of where it was coming from.

Basically that is the concept of pranking. It involves a prankster, a situation, a victim, and in this case, it involves trust. A pranking video had gone viral once again and it is the people’s favorite- pranking your friends. The video was uploaded by a Facebook page with a caption “Yung binigy mo buong tiwala mo sa tropa… (when u gave your full trust to your friends…)”. It was casted by three friends- two were the pranksters and a victim. The pranksters seemed to convince the victim to let them tie his hands horizontally on the wood. His friends tied him for quite some time and secured that there is no way he can slip his hands to it. The victim trusted his friends with it. After they have completed it, the pranksters counted off, quickly pulled the victim’s pants down and run away. Leaving the man tied to the wood, he cannot pull his pants up. So he ran to chase the pranksters in his underwear.

The video already reached a lot of people with its 525 thousand views as of writing. The people online have been sharing and tagging their friends to share the good laugh.

Check out the prank video yourself!


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