A Freshly Removed Human Brain: Containing All Your Thoughts, Your Whole Life

It feels strange to think that everything we are cognizant of doing, all of our thoughts, everything nearly is centered in the brain except for what is spiritual. Either way, you probably don’t typically sit around thinking about your brain. It may be the most complex, precious, intricate organ to exist in any animal on Earth: the human brain.

Of course, dolphin brains, monkey brains, and all kinds of other intricate works of creation are special as well, but the human brain, it’s a pinnacle of complexity.

It seems kind of barbaric to just take a look at a removed human on the Internet, but apparently that’s 2018. However if you clicked this article, here it is. A video demonstrates a “freshly” removed brain directly after an autopsy was performed.

In the video, a nueroanotmoist very carefully handles the brain, and it becomes apparent how formless and unbelievably delicate the thing is. This is what contains all of our memories, thoughts, everything that is scientific rather than spiritual and perhaps some things that are spiritual and not understood yet as well.

Neuroanatomist Suzanne Strensaas notes that most people sort of believe the brain is more solid, like a rubber ball, but in reality the organ is very, very soft, incredibly vulnerable and formless.

The organ is said to weigh 3 pounds, or 1.4 kilograms. As she holds it in her palms, think about it: that’s an entire person’s life, their consciousness minus the spirit if you believe in that, that’s everything. Is it really everything?

(Image credit: laghash)

“We are fortunate enough to show you what a normal, unfixed, recently deceased patient’s brain would look like,” Stensaas said.

According to one article, “As she explains, the cancer patient whose autopsy this brain is from, died from cell transplant complications. And seeing how Stensaas handles the specimen, we feel honoured to be able to learn so much thanks to the patient who donated their body to science.

Our brains are usually protected by several membranes, cushioned by the cerebrospinal fluid and further encased within the hardy casing of the skull, so seeing it out in the open like that is a jarring reminder of how precious our brains really are. And that’s actually one of the purposes of the video – apart from being a teaching material, the university wanted “to stress the vulnerability of the brain to highlight the importance of wearing helmets, seat belts, and taking care of this very precious tissue.”

(Image credit: University of Utah Neuroscience Initiative/YouTube)

It actually takes so much to preserve a brain in a “fixation solution,” it can’t even be left gently resting at the bottom of the tank or the organ could get out of shape. Sort of revoltingly, scientists choose to “loop a cord through one of the arteries” to suspend the brain in the tank’s liquid. That’s stomach churning.

Some people believe hidden, spiritual components of the brain exist, and some scientific fact backs up these theories. For people who believe in the soul or the spirit, those understandings don’t have to conflict with other scientific facts about the brain.

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