12 unexpected signs to identify evil people

Evil is generally referred to badness and wickedness . Likewise evil people are those people who does harmful things and want bad things to happen to other people. They bring destruction and misfortune to other people.Its not always true that people are always evil. Some inhabits good things too. But whatsoever most people are evil in nature and satisfies themselves doing evil things either for their self satisfaction or to bring disaster to other peoples life whom they don’t desire much.

Here are 12 signs that you want to know so as to identify evil people.

1.Manipulative :
They are champions of manipulation. They plan 10 steps ahead and always know the direct purpose of what they’re doing. They know exactly how to make you feel incompetent, and they know how to take all the credit for doing it.

2.Constant Lying:
They lie as a way of constructing who they are. They cannot tell a story without adding in something juicy. The reason they constantly lie is because they take pleasure in fooling others around them. The second you catch them in a lie, they will just cover it up with a dozen more lies. Or they may admit to lying and explain to you why they lied, you might even end up feeling sorry for them in the end.

 If they come across some information that they feel they could use, they will use some of that truth in a misleading way to make you feel afraid, vulnerable, attacked, or incompetent. Whether the truth they are trying to spin is true or not, in the end you will start to believe it just by the way they presented it. By using simple words; they can create enemies in your head; they can also make you feel like everything you are doing up to this point is wrong. Words are their secret weapon and they know how to use them wisely.

4.Avoiding Responsibility:
Evil people do not take any responsibility for the people they’ve harmed. The minute they start to sense some sort of blame, they will redirect it before it makes its way to them. Chances are when they redirect the blame; it will be onto someone they sense weakness in. In the end, that person will end up apologizing for the evil person’s mistake.

5.Steal Your Time:
You may not notice this right away, but start keeping track of conversations when you have a time limit. For instance, if you have a family dinner to attend to and they have nothing planned, they will constantly try and distract you so you lose track of time. They sense that you’re better than them because of your obligations, so they try to disrupt them.

6.Very Controlling:
With all the lies they are telling, they have to always be in control of the situation. The second they sense that someone is trying to earn their trust and be a genuine friend, they will get possessive and controlling.

7.Denying Reality:
The truth that you know to be is not something that a truly evil person will agree upon. They know a much different truth and will never agree with the reality that really is. This is not something that is up for debate, this is the known truth that you may have undeniable facts to back up your argument versus their twisted ideals and interpretations.

8.Twisting Facts:
The secret to their craft is being able to twist any facts that they come across. In their situation, it would be any facts that that do not fall under their goals and the manipulative reality they’re trying to accomplish. They’re never shy to take things out of context and run with a theory that even they know is outrageous. This means adding in their own theories which are backed up by even more outrageous facts.

9.Double Lives:
They will never reveal that they are living a double life. Because they’re entire life is covered with lies, they will have a different picture painted of themselves for a variety of people. If they begin to slip or lose control, then they lose their pawns. This is why they are constantly lying and working to create an image that will stick.

10.Fair-Weather Friends:
If they come to your rescue, it’s not because they wanted to help you, it only serves the purpose of which involves them. You might find that they’re there for the good times, but can never be found when the bad times come around. Don’t expect support from these people. If they are giving you support, chances are they’re playing you in some sort of way.

11.Withholding Information:
The second they feel that there is something that may compromise their identity, they will automatically withhold any formation related to it. They will never admit to a lie, claiming that they never said anything that could prove it. Whether they lied or not, they keep the information a secret and use their ignorance to their advantage in the situation. If you somehow find out the information they were trying to withhold, they will try and twist the truth, but will also try and make you feel guilty in the process.

12.Feel No Remorse:
They have no feelings of remorse for anyone they have destroyed, will destroy or are planning to destroy. People are just pawns in their chess game, and they feed off of good people because they see weaknesses that they can easily expose.

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