12 Powerful Images That Prove There’s Still Kindness In The World

Unluckily, the daily news doesn’t sound very optimistic nowadays. Still, the world isn’t always such a cruel place!

Below you’ll find a selection of photos to show you how many kind creatures there are in our world. Also, do not miss the bonus part at the end of the article to watch how a cry for help can be a lie that turns into something amazing.

12. Nobody can stay sad while this sweet girl is around.

11. Heartwarming moment of parents saving their baby.

10. This US marine is offering water to a Japanese girl he discovered in a cave. (1945, Okinawa)

9. A firefighter with a respirator is trying to rescue a mama cat while her kitten is watching.

8. An American GI is treating a young German soldier in pain in 1944.

7. The man is giving up his shoes for the sake of the underprivileged teenager.

6. All kids are born with love in their heart. We have to raise them that way as well.

5. A major food chain network is giving free meals to the homeless.

4. This man is offering flowers to every woman on the subway.

3. During a flood in Thailand, a brave man is saving his dog.

2. Sharing is caring, especially in the following case.

1. When your friend really has to make that call.

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